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Cosplay journey: Ayesha Altugle

For photos from the shoot click here!
Ohayou~ ( ິ•ᆺ⃘• )ິฅ✧

Here is the also long overdue cosplay journey so I'll get straight into it hehe ^^  This time round, not kidding, was pretty darn hard. Considering it was my second cosplay ever, it was hard XD but, still managed to make it in the end so quite proud XDD. Okay, soo. It started in the start if the summer hols, and I think it was one week into the holidays when I decided that I wanted to make a cosplay, and it was between this character:

Ayesha Altugle Cosplay shoot

Sooo hi again!~

Took some photos of my Ayesha cosplay that was looong overdue, (Photos by my amazing asdfghjkl cousin: akarimochi0523 on instagram,
and edits are by me :3) so without futher ado, here are the pictures~(and like with the last cosplay, I'll be posting the cosplay journey very soon)

Slice of Life ~mini post~

Hello hello~~!!

So I am currently listening to Asian Kungfu Generation and they are soooo good T~T!!!

*ahem* but I just wanted to make a little post of my thoughts(? idk XD) so...I have just recently finished my mocks so I am in full-on (kinda) relax mode (at least I want to be XD). I have got most of my mock exam results and I am so so happy with them TTT-TTT so proud of them hehe~

Anyhow, I've recently spent time on Touken Ranbu (the home of bishie ikemens and baes XD)
(Gosh I really want to cosplay Kashuu ><!!!)

and sewing on the sewing machine hehe~~Been sewing this top: