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Exams over! Prom today~

Hello~ it's been a while~^^

As you might have guessed from the title, my exams are finally over TTT^TTT!!! Which equals lazing around and doing nothing lmao orz. (I had krispy kreme donuts for lunch straight after the exam btw lolol.)
But, I have progressed on my cosplay ^0^~ I'm now making the actual jacket ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Lol it doesn't look like much but hell, have I spent a lot of time adjusting the pattern ;-;
And yesterday was prom~ here was my outfit for the night: Lel didn't want to be all traditional with the long, flowy dresses, etc. XD (the dress was like £10 or something I swear. I'm such a cheapskate XDD)
And the makeup~: (Tbh prom was overall meh ._., probably because of the music and some people...)
And now I'm so looking forward to my holiday to Japan~~~ will be blogging about it hehe (if I get wifi :3)
それでは~ thank you for reading ^w^~