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Slice of Life~ Opticians rant/stop giving a shit~

Well hei,

I've been a bit busy lately and only what happened to me today made me want to write another blog post lol.
So get a cup of hot drink with you while you read this, I think it'll be a moderately long post (≖‿≖) (unless you want to get to the nitty gritty bit of this post, skip to the 4th paragraph)
So. So, ok, I basically had an opticians appointment today, to check up on my contact lenses, and I thought I might as well choose some glasses to go with my new glasses prescription. I didn't choose the glasses last time I was there because I was unsure of which ones I wanted, it was between the retro/vintage(?) round frames (pictured below, which, they didn't have), or the glasses in the womens section of the opticians which were cheap but looked boring and fugly. :|
(Yeah I've already got a pair but I don't fancy the colour as much to put prescription lenses in lol)