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Upcoming cosplans!


I decided to just write up the cosplans for next year (in chronological order), here goes...:
Character from Daoko's song "Girl": This cos is currently 90% complete ^^~ I just fell in love with this song lolol, got stuck in my head so I decided to cosplay it heh.
Genderbent Sugawara Koushi: This hairstyle probably, along with the jersey~ Suga is such a bae and I didn't feel like crossplaying atm so yhh. (Lol I fangirl over suga so much you don't understand)

And probs my biggest project... Sakura ver. Kaname Madoka: Oh man idk how I'm going to make this or how long it will take lel, hopefully I can start on this cos in Janurary next year though...I just really like waifu in this outfit tho ;~; she's so pretty here~~

It's a pretty short post but I had a lot going on with college so orz  でわでわ、またね❤︎