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2015 is nearly over! Updates and whatnot...


Hope everyone has had a really nice holiday season so far ^0^ Mine has basically passed in a breeze orz (I really need to be more productive haha...)
But I've been kinda busy that I haven't had the chance to write up a blog post T-T arghhh life (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ but hope that if you have read my blog in the past, you'll see that the header has changed~~ From this:
To this(much better imo xD): (My insta and tumblr links are in the "find me on..." Section on my blog btw~)
As for other updates...well, my cosplans have progressed and I have 80% finished the girl from daoko's mv cosplay, but I haven't had the chance to make the wand from the video yet ;-; I'm just so busy in my daily life atm lolol, will try and complete tho orz.
And idk, selcas of the month?:

Upcoming cosplans!


I decided to just write up the cosplans for next year (in chronological order), here goes...:
Character from Daoko's song "Girl": This cos is currently 90% complete ^^~ I just fell in love with this song lolol, got stuck in my head so I decided to cosplay it heh.
Genderbent Sugawara Koushi: This hairstyle probably, along with the jersey~ Suga is such a bae and I didn't feel like crossplaying atm so yhh. (Lol I fangirl over suga so much you don't understand)

And probs my biggest project... Sakura ver. Kaname Madoka: Oh man idk how I'm going to make this or how long it will take lel, hopefully I can start on this cos in Janurary next year though...I just really like waifu in this outfit tho ;~; she's so pretty here~~

It's a pretty short post but I had a lot going on with college so orz  でわでわ、またね❤︎

Slice of Life~London Comic Con~

Hellu how is everyone~?

So this weekend I went down to London to go to mcm London *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* (it was my birthday too haha ^^~)
I went as nyotalia Japan: (Haha I only finished the naginata the morning going down to london....totally was prepared....)
I went with my cousin @yuzukimochidesu ~ she was cosplaying Minami Kotori on the day~: Heh I was having brekkie at the time, hence why I have this weird food/burger filled face im this pic XD
I didn't take much pic lel, was just too busy going around and buying shiz and looking at peeps and stuff (=゚ω゚)ノ
Here are a loada selcas tho:

Slice of Life~autumn musings~

Hihi, long time no see~
I feel like I've been neglecting my blog recently so I decided to write a blog post with some recent updates ;;
So my cosplay so far...

Slice of Life~ Short August updates!~

So today I got my results, exam results ~_~ and am satisfied with them I guess :D, could've been better but ah well, it's all over now :3.
Progressed a little bit more on my cosplay (have done more since this picture was taken), I think I'll finish it for London Comic Con ^0^/! Is anyone else going?
Other than these updates , I have been on holiday to Hong Kong, Japan(as I have blogged about) and Dubai this month so there hasn't been much interesting happening that I could blog about...(I know holidays sound a hella fun but I was literally just seeing friends and parents' friends everyday on it =_= and wasn't excatly, you know, relaxing...)  Me in Dubai :3
And for others reading this post that have got their results today (namely GCSEs), and happy with them- well done! For others not as happy with them- remember, these results don't define whether you are not successful or going to be successful in the future, don't get to hooked on them and…

My thoughts: PowapowaP

This post is a little different to my usual, more upbeat ones.

(This post is also quite late but- >.<)
I caught myself humming Astronauts the other day and it made me think about powapowaP, the lyrics of the song, the post that Fullkawa Honpo posted about powapowaP (that Altamugs translated)...  And I cried really hard. 
I didn't really listened to all of his songs, but no doubt Austronauts will always be a favourite of mine. I hope that he knew that his songs were listened and enjoyed by many. 
We'll miss you PowapowaP. 

"Right now, I close my eyes,
plug my ears and begin to walk
Your voice, your laugh,
I can’t hear them, but maybe that’s fine, too." (Credit: Altamugs)

First visit to Japan

おはよう! how's everyone's summer so far?

So recently I went to Tokyo, Japan, for holiday :3~ overall it was quite fun hehe, wanted to go to this place for quite a while so looked forward to it ^^
First day I went to a shopping mall lel, saw Axes Femme and yup, that's the sound of my wallet lolol. Also had my first mister donut and takoyaki in Japan there ^∇^~ 美味しかった~
(Sorry the image is a little blurred ><)
Next day.....

Exams over! Prom today~

Hello~ it's been a while~^^

As you might have guessed from the title, my exams are finally over TTT^TTT!!! Which equals lazing around and doing nothing lmao orz. (I had krispy kreme donuts for lunch straight after the exam btw lolol.)
But, I have progressed on my cosplay ^0^~ I'm now making the actual jacket ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Lol it doesn't look like much but hell, have I spent a lot of time adjusting the pattern ;-;
And yesterday was prom~ here was my outfit for the night: Lel didn't want to be all traditional with the long, flowy dresses, etc. XD (the dress was like £10 or something I swear. I'm such a cheapskate XDD)
And the makeup~: (Tbh prom was overall meh ._., probably because of the music and some people...)
And now I'm so looking forward to my holiday to Japan~~~ will be blogging about it hehe (if I get wifi :3)
それでは~ thank you for reading ^w^~

Outfit dump

Hi hi~ こんにちは〜❤︎

So this is just a post with my coords I've worn since the start of the year, lel idk but just dumping them here for reference~ (some are not really interesting x3 but feel free to browse ^^)

And so it's May...

Hihi~^^ so this is going to be a very short post today (・ω・)ノ (trying to blog more frequently you see haha... ( ̄▽ ̄))

So last week marked the start of my gcse exams...(yay...) and I have to say that I am quite stressed out atm, but, I have been working on my cosplay: Still toile-ing the jacket~ but it's coming along ^w^
And also went out last week with family and trying vivekatt's makeup tutorial ( ̄▽ ̄): Le fail orz
It was also the general election on thursday and I am not sure what to feel about the results lel, lets just see what happens...(´・_・`);
Anyhow, thanks for reading~ またね~❤︎

Slice of life ~recent musings~

Konbanwa~ I decided to blog a little more instead of just a post a month kind of thing haha XDD

So recent events hmmm...I guess I'll start of with this~: Jajan~ my (crappy sewn lel) flora top, really need to improve my stitching skills haha X3~
Talking about sewing, I really need to start working on my cosplay ( ̄▽ ̄)...

And also bought this cute top ><: (Ignore my derppy face lol ( ̄▽ ̄)) It was not bad, around £13? Could have been cheaper hehe, I'm quite a cheapskate so I wouldn't have bought this without my mum's encouragement XD
I've recently finished my art final piece as well at school (one gcse down and like ten more to go lmao) I'll probably take some pictures of it and upload it to my art instagram acc (and maybe to my blog idk), I think I did quite well considering I had 2 whole days to complete it (^ω^)it was a bit complicated as I had some 3D elements to the piece but overall, I think I did a good job. Hopefully get an A* orz.
Also recently went o…

Taobao haul!! (+items mini review)


So recently I bought a load of things on Taobao with Taobaospree ^0^/!! My agent was Ray and he was very patient and helpful throughout the whole purchase ^.^ my items arrived pretty quick (in 2 weeks!!) and everything was packed nicely. Overall I am happy with the service (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚
Moving onto the items...
Tada~ bought 9 items in total and am generally happy with all of them except maybe 2 of the items? But first I'll go through the ones I liked first ^w^

Slice of Life~Majikkon~

So this post was supposed to be written last week but I was still waiting for some photos soooo yhh ^^;;

Anyhow, I went to a local con of mine last week called Majikkon!!! It was really brillant and fun, my 3rd year there and it's gotten big 0.0 looking forward to it next year as well hehe~ I went in my Ayesha cos and some people actually recognised who I was 0.0 very happy and surprised at the same time (^ω^)went around with my cousin and friend which was very fun (hope they enjoyed my company lol).
I think I had a lot of photos taken hehe, (thanks to anyone who did and are reading this post X3!) but here are some of the ones I found:

Cosplay journey: Ayesha Altugle

For photos from the shoot click here!
Ohayou~ ( ິ•ᆺ⃘• )ິฅ✧

Here is the also long overdue cosplay journey so I'll get straight into it hehe ^^  This time round, not kidding, was pretty darn hard. Considering it was my second cosplay ever, it was hard XD but, still managed to make it in the end so quite proud XDD. Okay, soo. It started in the start if the summer hols, and I think it was one week into the holidays when I decided that I wanted to make a cosplay, and it was between this character:

Ayesha Altugle Cosplay shoot

Sooo hi again!~

Took some photos of my Ayesha cosplay that was looong overdue, (Photos by my amazing asdfghjkl cousin: akarimochi0523 on instagram,
and edits are by me :3) so without futher ado, here are the pictures~(and like with the last cosplay, I'll be posting the cosplay journey very soon)

Slice of Life ~mini post~

Hello hello~~!!

So I am currently listening to Asian Kungfu Generation and they are soooo good T~T!!!

*ahem* but I just wanted to make a little post of my thoughts(? idk XD) so...I have just recently finished my mocks so I am in full-on (kinda) relax mode (at least I want to be XD). I have got most of my mock exam results and I am so so happy with them TTT-TTT so proud of them hehe~

Anyhow, I've recently spent time on Touken Ranbu (the home of bishie ikemens and baes XD)
(Gosh I really want to cosplay Kashuu ><!!!)

and sewing on the sewing machine hehe~~Been sewing this top:

Slice of Life~


So just 1 day before the mocks then... orz... Soooo, went to have a day out with friends today ^^~ Wore this X3: And make ^^:

Happy belated new year XD~


Happy 2015/xmas lol, I know it's been a while since I wrote a blog post but I've been ever so busy ><!! It's my exam year soo yupp. Haven't been working on my cosplay as much as well DX, buuut, have nearly finished my textiles final piece: (The latest picture I have on looks more finished right now ^_^;;)
I have my mock exams in a week's time ><!! So stressful and so much revision DX...
I will probably put up another circle lens review soon, sooon... =~=
Here's a random selca XDD: (I look so derp here, idk y XDD)
I've also got these cosplay plans for this year, hopefully I can make them 8>,<8 2p fem japan, nyotalia japan~imperial uniform Aand Sakizo-Chai (lol such a freakin diffucult cos XDD I don't even know why I'm going ahead with it _| ̄|○ will probably run into the new year as well DX)
Thank you for reading this boring post hehe x3~