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Daoko Girl cosplay photos

Here is the long overdue cosplay photos of the character from Daoko's MV: GIRL, taken once again by my lovely cousin IG: @kourisane ~ not much to say here except if you're interested in how I made the wand here's the link: And I won't be doing a cosplay journey for this one, there wasn't much making to it heh ;;
here are the photos~~! :

Thank you for having a look~ I haven't watermarked all of them because I forgot orz, so please do not steal these photos, message me if you want to use these photos, and credit me (and my website) if you plan on using them.

I'm back! And rant on animes of summer 2016...

Heiii how is everyone? The heat of summer can only mean one thing at this time of the year..........

Binge-watch anime season!!! :D
But in all seriousness I am so disappointed with this season's anime releases. I feel like the quality is slowly decreasing with every new season... And just to make it clear, no I don't watch all of the series from a season and don't plan to, because first I usually just "random sample" every new season anyways, and second I don't think it's (arguably) necessary to "watch-'em-all" to form an opinion about a certain season/series. Anyhoo, at least from some of the series I've watched the 1st eps of, they were shi-
Maybe it's because I've chosen more action animes instead of slice of lifes or romance, but the action ones are reallyyyyyy bad not to my liking this season. Here, I'll do some mini first impressions of each: