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Slice of Life~ Short August updates!~

So today I got my results, exam results ~_~ and am satisfied with them I guess :D, could've been better but ah well, it's all over now :3.
Progressed a little bit more on my cosplay (have done more since this picture was taken), I think I'll finish it for London Comic Con ^0^/! Is anyone else going?
Other than these updates , I have been on holiday to Hong Kong, Japan(as I have blogged about) and Dubai this month so there hasn't been much interesting happening that I could blog about...(I know holidays sound a hella fun but I was literally just seeing friends and parents' friends everyday on it =_= and wasn't excatly, you know, relaxing...)  Me in Dubai :3
And for others reading this post that have got their results today (namely GCSEs), and happy with them- well done! For others not as happy with them- remember, these results don't define whether you are not successful or going to be successful in the future, don't get to hooked on them and…

My thoughts: PowapowaP

This post is a little different to my usual, more upbeat ones.

(This post is also quite late but- >.<)
I caught myself humming Astronauts the other day and it made me think about powapowaP, the lyrics of the song, the post that Fullkawa Honpo posted about powapowaP (that Altamugs translated)...  And I cried really hard. 
I didn't really listened to all of his songs, but no doubt Austronauts will always be a favourite of mine. I hope that he knew that his songs were listened and enjoyed by many. 
We'll miss you PowapowaP. 

"Right now, I close my eyes,
plug my ears and begin to walk
Your voice, your laugh,
I can’t hear them, but maybe that’s fine, too." (Credit: Altamugs)