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[tutorial] making the wand from Daoko's MV: Girl (the easy way)

Hihihi I forgot to write a post last month but here's another cosplay tutorial to make up for it ><! I don't know if any of you reading this knows but one of my first cosplans of the year is to cosplay the character from Daoko's MV: Girl. 
This time instead of making it, I decided to buy almost all of the cosplay, excluding the wand, due to time constraint.
And I had to crack my head to think of a way to make the wand, I wasn't going to go into 3D printing or something was difficult. But my sudden spark of geniusness helped me create it! (Lol) here's the tutorial:

Materials/Tools you will need:
*paper/polystyrene balls (20mm) *bamboo skewer *bandage (secret ingredient!!) *masking tape *newspaper *paint  *craft(funky) foam *acrylic gesso *pva glue *scissors (obvs) *glue gun *craft knife

1) draw a rough sketch of the base of the wand on paper, for reference, I wanted mine to be around an A4 sized paper long:
2) take the paper balls and skewer t…