Slice of Life~ Short August updates!~


So today I got my results, exam results ~_~ and am satisfied with them I guess :D, could've been better but ah well, it's all over now :3.

Progressed a little bit more on my cosplay (have done more since this picture was taken), I think I'll finish it for London Comic Con ^0^/! Is anyone else going?

Other than these updates , I have been on holiday to Hong Kong, Japan(as I have blogged about) and Dubai this month so there hasn't been much interesting happening that I could blog about...(I know holidays sound a hella fun but I was literally just seeing friends and parents' friends everyday on it =_= and wasn't excatly, you know, relaxing...) 
Me in Dubai :3

And for others reading this post that have got their results today (namely GCSEs), and happy with them- well done! For others not as happy with them- remember, these results don't define whether you are not successful or going to be successful in the future, don't get to hooked on them and get too upset with them. There're so much opportunities ahead of us. 

Sometimes, people overestimate what they can do in the short term, but underestimate what they can do in the long term (^ω^). 

Happy (near) weekend and thanks for reading :3



  1. I want to visit a con in England one day! I just wish I had the money for that... OTL haha
    Some of my Swedish friends have been to London MCM Expo, YCC (Yorkshire Cosplay Con?) and some others but I have yet to go! Agrhds! XD If only money grew on trees, lol.


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    1. Hehe, it is very fun! I haven't been to YCC yet though :3 I might go next year haha... And that's very true XD


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