I'm back! And rant on animes of summer 2016...

Heiii how is everyone? The heat of summer can only mean one thing at this time of the year..........

Binge-watch anime season!!! :D

But in all seriousness I am so disappointed with this season's anime releases. I feel like the quality is slowly decreasing with every new season... And just to make it clear, no I don't watch all of the series from a season and don't plan to, because first I usually just "random sample" every new season anyways, and second I don't think it's (arguably) necessary to "watch-'em-all" to form an opinion about a certain season/series. Anyhoo, at least from some of the series I've watched the 1st eps of, they were shi-

Maybe it's because I've chosen more action animes instead of slice of lifes or romance, but the action ones are reallyyyyyy bad not to my liking this season.
Here, I'll do some mini first impressions of each:

Taboo Tattoo 
"Great. Another anime about one special guy who gets a really special power. And lemme guess, everyone wants him 🙄*eyes roll up*"
'Kay, I usually don't mind these plots but come on, it really is getting overused now. If it is going to be used, please don't try and make the main guy 1) have a dead parent/bad past, 2) justice warrior, 3) uber special overpowered ability (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ !!!!

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast
This. This was not good. Like this is 2016, not 2010, really, please brush up on art/animation.
Getting away from the art style...the plot, what was the difference between this, and the tattoo one??? Like leave a guy to fight by himself, activate special power, takes interest in guy. Same bs, STOP.

Qualidea Code
What's happening with the art? Srlys?
This was better than the other 2 above. But why the sad past and then uber strong in future?? This just reminded me of owari no seraph without the mika (⊙‿⊙✿) ...
The Sasuke-personality didn't make it any better too, along with the same cliché character types just.....(≖‿≖) 

I was looking forward to this one actually. And you've guessed it, it didn't deliever. Though I'm not going to slag this one off as much as I did for the other ones. It was.......okay. The "guy with the special power(in this case his real strong vampire cat)" plot was used, but in a better sense than the other ones. In other words, I'd probably recommend this to 14/15 year old me, bit childish for my liking? and where the heck was the yaoi I was waiting to happen????( ◞´•௰•`)◞ 

After going through the above animes with the same plot, same bad art and same cast of characters, this made me cry. It was cute and heartwarming enough to make me cry ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡; ) maybe it's because the other ones were so below standard for me that stumbling across Orange made me tear up, but it definitely redeemed this season for me. Well, at least from the ones I've watched above. 
Err but the time traveling and changing future plotlines, reminds you of Erased much?

And I'm not saying some of the animes mentioned are pure bs because that's not true, I know different people like different things, vice versa. And yes. I know it's ignorant of me not to watch every anime in a season but look, I really don't have the time.

Just putting in my 2 cents here.

And with that idk which ones to even continue with...maybe all of em now and see how it goes. Got a feeling I'll be dropping the vampy one, the one with the Zhang guy in it, and the Sasuke-wannabe one.

Soooo thanks for reading! ではでは、またね〜


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