My 2016 Swankiss Angel Bag/Fukubukuro~ (Review!)


I ordered this nearly two months ago and here is this beauty ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡; ) 
I ordered this from Tokyo Otaku Mode and pre-ordered it as soon as it was available haha...the delivery was pretty quick once it was shipped, but got stopped at customs so it only arrived today ^w^~

Here is the bag in all its glory:

The bag is so cute! It's bigger than I thought it would be heh, like REALLY big :3 the ears on the bag are wired which I knew about, and overall pretty sturdy, not too flimsy, which is good. Great for travelling, short trips or sleepovers maybe?

Here are the items then~:
This is the black lace top, with a furry pom pom near the collar which goes well with the bunny theme of the bag hehe. The lace is pretty comfy and soft, and the pom pom is detatchable. A camisole under the top is not provided.

Next is a lilac sequin-embroidered sweater~ the pastel shade on this sweater is so pretty ;-; and also, very comfy as it's a little baggy. But the sleeves were not very/overly long (up to my wrists), nevertheless, pretty cute❤︎

This dress is radiating OTT larme-kei to me, and swankiss' style as a whole. The whole dress is so well made and thick you could wear this in winter tbh, it is also lined, giving it that extra thickness. The bows and pink hue of the dress just make the whole dress look so so cute~ it matches up with the black lace top very well ^~^

Ahh I've been looking for a white mesh skirt for agesss. This dainty, elasticated tutu skirt is a little poofy and so fairy-like~ it has little pink roses and scallops embroidered at the edge of the skirt too. It matches up with the sweater pretty well~ could potentially be a fairy-kei kinda outfit? Maybee.

Last but not least:
Words cannot describe how much I love this coat omgg. It's seriously the cutest, fluffiest and comfiest coat I've ever owned, not exaggerating, honest. The pom poms on the coat are so cute, and have you seen those heart pockets??? Ahhh it's so pretty ❤︎♡❤︎♡❤︎ the coat is lined and secured together by magnetic snaps, like the ones on the bag. It matches with every piece of clothing from the bag~ so so cutee~~~

Welp here's basically all the contents of this bag

(Sorry for the low quality pictures, there wasn't enough sunlight orz, I'll update this post with some better pictures of the clothes soon/when I can)

Overall the contents of the bag were pretty and the lucky bag was worth buying~ Swankiss' clothing are pretty well made so there were no worries on quality imo. 

As for the price includ shipping from Tokyo Otaku Mode, it was around £138 (or $195 (with $5 discount)), which is not too bad considering all these original items totaled to around over £300 ($425 ish). However, due to stoopid customs in the UK ((ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ ), I had to pay an additional £45 meaning the price of the bag went up to £183 for me instead (≖‿≖) ($260 ish).

So FML. 

But, guess it's still cheaper than the original price...

Anyhoo I really do love the contents in the bag and think it's worth the price, next time, I might get someone to buy it for me in Japan heh.

Dewa dewa, またね〜❤︎


  1. this is sweet =)

  2. I've never tried anything from Swankiss but I think I've seen the store in Shibuya 109 if I recall correctly. I didn't know if the quality would be good but it seems like it is! The dress and black top with the pom pom are my faves, they might even go together?

    1. The quality is pretty good! I've been to their store in Shibuya 109 too but didn't buy anything at the time since it was too expensive ;; the items of clothing in the bag are supposed to match hehe, just as I have arranged them in the last picture (that's what I thinks at least ^^)

  3. the bag and the dress are so kawaii XD


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