Taobao haul!! (+items mini review)


So recently I bought a load of things on Taobao with Taobaospree ^0^/!! My agent was Ray and he was very patient and helpful throughout the whole purchase ^.^ my items arrived pretty quick (in 2 weeks!!) and everything was packed nicely. Overall I am happy with the service (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

Moving onto the items...
Tada~ bought 9 items in total and am generally happy with all of them except maybe 2 of the items? But first I'll go through the ones I liked first ^w^

THIS. WIG. WAS. BEAUTIFUL. Ahem, I mean it was super soft and the colour was a beautiful grey ;-;/ even though it looks shorter than it is than irl compared with the stock photo(which I already knew since I read the reviews ~.~), I am really pleased with it hehe~~

Then this:

Again the black wig was REALLY SOFT WAHH, omg words can't describe how surprised I was lol. Aand also here in this picture I'm wearing the brown lashes which were also very nice, the lash band wasn't hard and the lashes themselves looked quite natural :3 it was my first time wearing false bottom lashes too, hope it looks okay lel.

The socks were fine along with the other lashes~ this dress was especially pretty *^*:
(So happy kyaa)

This dress was also really pretty:
But the shoulder to the bust line part of the dress was a little short, not sure how to explain it but it was just a little small I guess :/ can still wear it tho, the fabric is soft and warm so is good to wear in cold English weather heh...

Then this wig:
(HAHA, excuse the editing lol)
I wasn't really fond of this wig lel, the hair was kinda coarse and the top of it (where the hair came out from) was frizzed and all weird @_@ I also didn't really know how to style a male wig so that didn't help either XDD but idk, might wear it if I have a nice hat or something ( ̄▽ ̄)

And that's it I guess~I list the stores here:
*kyouko wigs (aka the grey and long black ones and the brown lashes)
*yukicos (aka the short black meh one)
*豆豆的小妈咪 (aka where I got the really nice socks from)
*myquanquan(?) (aka the blue dress)
*绵羊肉串 (where I got the white dress from ^w^)

Thank you for reading~ ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎ฅ˒˒


  1. Everything that you bought looks really cute! :D The blue dress was probably one of my favourites, although I loved everything!

    1. Thank you~ I love the blue dress too~~ ^w^ I had a lot of compliments when I wore it out (^ω^)

  2. Wooooah I''m pretty amazed by how well you pulled off those bottom lashes - they're perfect!
    I've attempted wearing bottom lashes some... 3 times maybe? and it looks so unnatural every time T^T The wigs are super cute though (the male one isn't my favorite though... but I love the two girly ones!)

    Is there a chance that you could perhaps link to the stores you bought from? > < I'm not very experienced with taobao ;-;

    Also, would you like to follow each other? I have a beautyblog myself ^-^ Let me know in a comment on my blog!

    Lucy Hart <3

    1. Omg thank you ;-;/ I didn't think it looked that nice on me since it was my first time wearing it hehe XD I guess practice makes perfect hehe~ lol the male one was not that nice anyways XDD

      Um I guess so ^^~ which ones do you want? ?-?

      Thank you for politely asking but I do only follow blogs that I truly like ^w^ I don't usually do followbacks unless I really like the blog >< though, I'll check it out and see how I find it ^^ thanks for politely asking anyways ^^

    2. Maybe it was just the "shock" from seeing it on the first time ^^ That always happens to me.

      The one where you got the lashes from and the gray wig if it's not too much work :x

      I understand ^^ Thanks for checking my blog you though! You shall be welcome to return any time~ <3

      Lucy Hart <3

  3. You got cute things! I love Taobao c:

    Kiyomoi ♥

    1. Ahh thank you, you're so sweet ^///^, I love taobao but the shipping costs are so expensive that it might put me off from buying from there next time ;-;

  4. Your blog is so cute, so I followed you! Have a nice day, cutie!



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