[Tutorial] Kuriyama Mirai Blood Sword

Just a repost from tumblr that I wrote a while ago ^^ might help those cosplaying ^.^:

This is my first time cosplaying and an experience of me making this sword ^_^. I know there are other awesome tutorials on how to make weapons for cosplaying/cosplay like this but this is just my experience/take on making a cosplay sword for a low budget (:D), and I am sorry if it’s imperfect…it is my first time doing this…
You will need:
-Corrugated cardboard
-Masking tape
-Red (meatallic) spray paint 100ml
-craft knife
-mask for spray painting

1) Draw out a sketch of the blood sword, use many references…mine was 95cm long for my height (160cm). It might have to be longer or shorter for your height but this really depends…
2) Cut the paper sword template out.
3) Use the paper sword template to cut the sword out from corrugated cardboard (Best if the ridges of the cardboard are going up instead of across your sword, so from the picture below:
ridges of the cardboard are going up, not across the sword ( from the directions in the picture) and that makes it less sturdy (and I am an idiot for doing this XD). I’ve just taped it with super glue and masking tape because I cut the sword out in parts which makes it kind of less sturdy.

4) Wrap the whole sword with masking tape. Do this neatly or else it would look unfinished when spray painted with (which happened to mine .___.)
4)i) (optional but may make the sword better) when masking taping, press the edges of the blade to make tapered edges, this will give the sword a more sword-ish look.
4)ii)(optional again) Paper mache. I’ve not done this but apparently it does give a better effect, might try next time.
5) Spray paint time!! Just lay out newspaper in a well ventilated (preferably outside) place the sword on top of the newspaper and follow the instructions of the spray paint and spray! (*important note* DO NOT BREATH THIS IN, IT IS HARMFUL.) O.O
6) And this is what you should end up with…
so proud of myself lol XD
not bad for a beginner hmm… the handle on mine is a bit flimsy and fragile, should have cut out the ridges going up the cardboard instead of across… ._______. but I think it turned out pretty good ^u^~ considering it’s my first time ^^
I didn’t need to buy anything (except the spray paint which was around £3.50 from B&Q), cardboard which I picked up, and masking tape was already available… there’s always the art rooms at school which contain all the supplies :D
well that’s really it ^_^ Hoped that kind of helped, and good luck with cosplaying! (which I am still working on ^^;;)


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