June 2014 Popteen scans...


I thought I would write about the new Popteen issue as a lot of cute things were in here, btw I found the scans on http://m.zazhimi.net/shishangzazhi/popteen-14-06.html?001 though usually I read Popteen on http://www.vvshu.com/view/popteen/ but the newest issue has not been uploaded yet (´◠ω◠`);; but here are some of the scans...

So the June is out~! I think its Pikarin and Mizuki on the cover there (please correct me if I am wrong ^^;;)

I love all the outfits here on Dakota (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) all so pretty on her~ ^^

The outfits on YuraYura too!! Puffy dress with different coordinates~ my favourite would be the two in the middle ^^

Cute *_* might try these out in some time.

She's so pretty nee? I especially like the cons she's wearing ><!

Very cute hair arrange ><! I really like the one on the top right~ And the outfits again!! So cute and pastel <3 the design of the top on the 4th outfit looks pretty interesting too~

I want to try the sheep hairstyle too~~~
Cool nail designs, want to try the "honey" one at the top maybe in the holidays ^~^

Σ(゚д゚lll)before and after the girl at the top is soo cute!! Really like her hair and makeup!!

I have only started reading Popteen recently hehe, when Dakota first started I think...some of the fashion in there is pretty cute! I think some of my favourite models are Dakota and YuraYura~ they are both so pretty nee (*^^*) well I really liked Dakota before she was in the magazine so hehe~ some other magazines I have read are Seventeen, Kera and Zipper~

I think I'll talk about Tomodachi life on my next post (◕‿◕✿)

Sore dewa~ (◡ω◡✿)


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