[tutorial] cutting shapes/holes into fabric without fraying in cosplay

Hihihi ^^,

So recently I've been doing my atelier ayesha cos and am onto the staff right now ^0^/ only a month to go till the london comic con so ganbare >.<!!! Back to the tutorial, so I have these problematic truangle cuts in in ayesha's dress and I have kinda found a way to make these without them fraying~ 

Just an important note: I have ONLY tried this technique out on POLYCOTTON and COTTON and found that polycotton had a better result, so you are warned. I have no idea about the effects on other types of fabric. Also I DO NOT know the effects if it is washed, please do tell me if it still works after being washed if you try it out.


What you will need:

*Template (for the shapes you want on the fabric)
*Fabric (I used polycotton and it was good, cotton was okay, NOT sure about other fabric types though)
*Fabric scissors (or thread snips for smaller shapes)
*Clear nail varnish (have also tried this technique with fabric glue and it still works but imo the nail varnish is better)


1)*IMPORTANT NOTE* I don't think it will work as well with large shapes or holes, this method is for smaller shapes, you've been warned.

Cut out the shapes you want and stick it onto your paper pattern (if you don't want to cut or ruin your paper pattern then I suggest laying the original paper pattern onto a tissue paper and then trace it out, cut and use that instead) and then cut out the shapes again from the pattern paper.

OR alternatively,

Cut out the shape you want and just lay it onto the fabric and outline straight away and cut if you're confident about where the shape/hole should be. Skip to step 3 if you are doing this.

2) You should end up with this:

Lay this onto your fabric or garment and pin it down, make sure it is aligned. (You don't want to ruin your cosplay now >~</!!) outline the shape using your paper pattern and then unpin and cut:
Then cut out the shape.
You should end up with this:

Make sure there are clean cuts, it makes it easier to work with ^0^/ 

3) Right now, the edges would fray if you left it as it is so next, take your CLEAR nail varnish and add some to the sides of the shape...

Make sure to add just enough so that it will cover the sides, DO NOT put too much on as it does make a mark around the shape, so be careful. (I have found that using fabric glue will not cause this problem as it dries clear, but imo nail varnish gives a better finish.)

4) wait for it to dry...and tada! Shapes/holes in your fabric :DD

I hope this is helpful and good luck with cosplaying ☆〜(ゝ。∂)


  1. You're so talented! I've always wanted to cosplay before but I don't think I'm very skilled when it comes to making my own costume like you are lol Lovely post <3

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton
    P.S. I'd love it if we could follow each other on GFC! Let me know if you follow me, so I can follow you right back~

    1. Thanks! I don't think I am really skilled though, my sewing skills real, my need improving XD and btw, I'm not sure what GFC is but assuming its google friend connect? I don't use google much so yupp...^_^;;

  2. So creative and cute, well done ^^

    The skirt looks very very sweet!

    恵美より ♥

    1. Thank chuu~(≧///≦)I love your style btw ^^~~


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