~slice of life~ updates ^.^


So I haven't been posting much lately =.= It's my cosplay that's doing this, hand on heart! But anyhow, staff is nearly finished (though its not really good .__.)

Sooo yepp, a bit more colouring to go, stick on flower and its done~

And don't think I posted a picture of the lenses I got too~~
I will be reviewing both of them soooon, soon.

And what else....hmmm...

Oh yep,

Only 2 weeks till london comic con *heavy breathing*

Really can't wait omfgigottofinishmycosplayasap

Gotta do makeup tests too >.<!!

Btw, I haven't posted a selca in a while along with ootd so here ya go~

Thanks for reading hehe ^^!


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