G&G A21 Grey circle lenses review

Long time no see~

So I am back with a new post after not writing one for around a month now orz...since it's my exam year, homework, tests and coursework deadlines are all over the place which means less free time for me DX 

Going back to the review~ it was half price lenses for black friday sale on pinkyparadise a while ago so I've bought a few lenses to wear for christmas and the new year ^.^~

You can get these lenses on pinkyparadise~

Lens Info (taken from website)

Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.5mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly 
Prescription / -0.00 ~ -10.00

The package

These were yearly lenses so they came in the bottle~ it shows the lenses being b.c 8.9 on the bottle so I guess pinkyparadise was wrong on their info about the lenses?

It came with such a cute macaron lens case, pink is my favourite colour too \(● ∇ ●✿)ノ〜〜

The lens

Pretty grey colour in the bottle (◡ω◡✿)~
These lenses doesn't look that big in my opinion, but I think the dark ring on the edges will define my eyes and enlarge them ^_^

Lenses in
Both lenses in:



Colour: 4/5
The grey blended in with my brown eyes so it wasn't very noticable? But, maybe it's supposed to look like that? Idk. Personally, I quite liked the colour because it wasn't 'in-your-face' kind of grey, hope that made sense ( ̄◇ ̄;)...

Enlargement: 4/5
Not too bad, it wasn't alien big so that was a relief. Wasn't sure that 14.5mms fit me at first but it's actually quite a nice size ^.^~

Comfort: 4.5/5
SO. AMAZINGLY. COMFORTABLE. Idk why, but wore them for around 6/7 hours and they are soo comfy!! The occasional eye drop is necessary for me though, I'm guessing it's something to do with the base curve so no worries there hehe (・ω・)ノ


It's a nice pair of lenses that can be worn on a daily basis imo. It softly blends into my eyes and actually looks quite natural to me, though, I wanted the colour to be stronger —3— pretty happy with these lenses anyways

Bonus selca:

Okay, Happy Christmas everyone ^^ and thanks for reading~ (●‿●✿)


  1. This was so helpful, thank you!

  2. These lenses are so cool and they look so great in your eyes!
    Have you tried other grey lenses?

    1. Thank you ^^!! Nope,these were my first pair or grey lenses hehe, but I have another grey pair which I haven't opened yet from honeycolor (it was a free gift) which I'll save for later (⌒▽⌒)


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