Slice of Life ~mini post~

Hello hello~~!!

So I am currently listening to Asian Kungfu Generation and they are soooo good T~T!!!

*ahem* but I just wanted to make a little post of my thoughts(? idk XD) so...I have just recently finished my mocks so I am in full-on (kinda) relax mode (at least I want to be XD). I have got most of my mock exam results and I am so so happy with them TTT-TTT so proud of them hehe~

Anyhow, I've recently spent time on Touken Ranbu (the home of bishie ikemens and baes XD)
(Gosh I really want to cosplay Kashuu ><!!!)

and sewing on the sewing machine hehe~~Been sewing this top:

Moving on, I have placed an order with stuff from Taobao with Taobaospree~, lets see how that goes ^^. I've ordered some wigs, dresses, socks and false lashes hehe~ kinda excited but the order is only going to be shipped after CNY which kind of annoys me as I'm a little impatient XD but no worries~ its only a few weeks away....hehe....

And that's kind of it, this little boring life of mine ^^;; really looking forward to my exams ending soon and being able to enjoy the summer sunshine ( ̄▽ ̄)

Thanks for reading~ ^_~


  1. OMG Touken Ranbu! <3
    Cosplay Kashuu, that would be awesome to see!! >w< I also plan to cosplay from it!

    Shiro Samurai's Cosplay Blog

    1. Hehe ❤︎ I want to play on it soon but don't have any time XD,
      I was kind of deciding on which characters to cosplay and I've kinda gone off on Kashuu ^^;; but it would be cool to see your cosplay of it ^^~


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