Slice of life ~recent musings~

Konbanwa~ I decided to blog a little more instead of just a post a month kind of thing haha XDD

So recent events hmmm...I guess I'll start of with this~:
Jajan~ my (crappy sewn lel) flora top, really need to improve my stitching skills haha X3~

Talking about sewing, I really need to start working on my cosplay ( ̄▽ ̄)...

And also bought this cute top ><:
(Ignore my derppy face lol ( ̄▽ ̄))
It was not bad, around £13? Could have been cheaper hehe, I'm quite a cheapskate so I wouldn't have bought this without my mum's encouragement XD

I've recently finished my art final piece as well at school (one gcse down and like ten more to go lmao) I'll probably take some pictures of it and upload it to my art instagram acc (and maybe to my blog idk), I think I did quite well considering I had 2 whole days to complete it (^ω^)it was a bit complicated as I had some 3D elements to the piece but overall, I think I did a good job. Hopefully get an A* orz.

Also recently went out to the city in this new wig (^∇^):
(Haha wtf am I doing here XD)

But yup it was really nice ^0^/ went to a Japanese restaurant and the sushi was lovely~~~ (I haven't some in agess so it was pretty nice to me~)

And I guess thats it hehe, got revision upon revision upon revision until July now (yay =_=...) and got real exams the week after next week so gambarimasu ><!

Thanks for reading, またね~❤︎


  1. Really awesome looks! * \ ( ^ o ^ ) / * ♡

  2. I like the first outfit so much! It looks so good!


  3. The outfits were so cute! Did you sew that floral top by yourself :o ?

    Lucy Hart <3

    1. Thank you ^^~ and yes, still need to improve on my sewing skills though orz

  4. Oh my, first floral top is just so cute ;w; ur new wig is so cuuutee omgomg i want tho ;3;

    1. Thank you very much ^^~ the shop name to the wig is in my other blogpost if you want to check it out ^w^


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