First visit to Japan

おはよう! how's everyone's summer so far?

So recently I went to Tokyo, Japan, for holiday :3~ overall it was quite fun hehe, wanted to go to this place for quite a while so looked forward to it ^^

First day I went to a shopping mall lel, saw Axes Femme and yup, that's the sound of my wallet lolol.
Also had my first mister donut and takoyaki in Japan there ^∇^~ 美味しかった~

(Sorry the image is a little blurred ><)

Next day.....

Had coffee to fuel me for the day :D

Went to Fuji-land(???yh tht theme park, idks if I spelt it correctly lolol) that day, but couldn't go on the rollercoster because it rained so heavy =_=. *sigh* those wasted 45mins maannn

The scenery was pretty though *_*
(Don't think I captured it very well XD)

Stayed in a onsen hotel for the night, the tatami room was soo cool *0* here are some pictures:
Enjoyed the onsen and wearing a yukata~
Indeed food glorious food, but the dinner wasn't the best :/ it looked nice though, the breakfast was better :3. Left the natto alone after having it one the first day haha.....

The day after, I went to a fruit garden and had delicious fresh sashimi~
I like salmon hehe, so had quite a bit of that, but the scallops were really nice too.

Stayed in a 5-star hotel that night >:-D, the view from my room was seriously beautiful though:

Anyhow, Asakusa and Shibuya were the places marked on my map the next morning.
~Outfit of the day~

(I'm starting to think my picture-taking skills are seriously lacking)
Tasty taiyaki ^0^/
Shibuya 109 kinda squeezed my wallet dry lolol.
Häagen Dazs never disappoints ( ̄▽ ̄)

Next day was.....Skytree!!
Didn't really see it very clearly lolol, it was cloudy the whole time I was in Tokyo ;-;/

Aand yeah I know I said the view was amazing from the 5-star hotel but this next hotel I stayed in exceeded all expectations:

I settled with chicken maki that night ( ̄▽ ̄), it was tasty though ^^/, crispy nori seaweed and tender chicken T0T... I miss em rolls.

I saw this in a magazine lolol.

Akihabara next day~~
It kinda seemed unreal that I was actually here after so many years of hearing about it, I've been watching anime and reading manga for a decade now so it was pretty exciting being in this place~

And yup visited Harajuku again, bought a hella lot this time, the crepe was surprisingly nice (I tend to stick to the traditional french type haha...)


Then after a day of walking there, I stopped by Shinjuku for a bit before leaving for the airport ^^

Overall it was a very fun trip, although it didn't leave as big of an impression on me compared to my trip to Iceland two years ago, however, the people there were really polite and nice and the place was clean. I hope to go again in the near future, and experience more of the beauty of Japan ^^

If you made it this far...a pat on the back for you lolol

Well thank you so much for reading, またね~


  1. OMGGGGG ~
    Seeing all these pictures makes me want to go to Japan too!! >o< You're so lucky!!
    For years I've wanted to visit but I just don't have the money, the time or a good occasion to go... *gross sobbing*
    All the food looks so good! I want to try that fish-shaped bakery thingy! *_* I love fishes lol.
    I've never heard of chicken maki before! But sushi is soooo gooooood. ;u;
    I bet you had a lot of fun! Japan seems to be such an amazing country with so much to see and experience...


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    1. Haha I know right! ^^ good luck on getting or saving some money to go there ><!! The fish shaped bakery thing is called taiyaki ^w^~ it has a red bean(azuki) filling (=゚ω゚)ノ and yep, it was a fun trip!


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