Slice of Life~autumn musings~

Hihi, long time no see~
I feel like I've been neglecting my blog recently so I decided to write a blog post with some recent updates ;;

So my cosplay so far...

(Sorry for the crappy photos) Yup, I've finished my jacket and just need to make the waistband for the skirt. Then I'll be finished with the outfit for the cos ^0^/!! 80% there~hopefully will be ready for London Comic Con (´・_・`)

Also I received my cons for the cosplay too:
Will be reviewing them soon (=゚ω゚)ノ

Finally, also got this beautiful wig from Dreamholic the other day (つД`)
It's so soft, thick, styled perfectly and asdfghjkl the colour is sooo sooo pretty ヽ(;▽;)ノ
Gives off autumn vibes~
I had a load more selcas but I'm going to stop here lel.

Hope everyone has a nice rest of September and also, happy mid-autumn festival!



  1. You're so cute! *_*
    What cosplay is it that you're working on? It looks great so far! ~

    By the way, those lenses look exactly like a pair that I own! Mine are called Vassen Sweet Bliss Red, but they also seem to go under the name Vassen Cloud Nine Red. :)

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    1. Ahh thanks~ I've mentioned the character in my older post but it's the genderbent version of Japan from hetalia :3

      That's excatly the ones I've got! What a coincidence ^^

  2. I couldn't tell that was a wig but the colour looks really nice on you! :D

    Chloe Rose


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