Slice of Life~ Opticians rant/stop giving a shit~

Well hei,

I've been a bit busy lately and only what happened to me today made me want to write another blog post lol.

So get a cup of hot drink with you while you read this, I think it'll be a moderately long post (≖‿≖) (unless you want to get to the nitty gritty bit of this post, skip to the 4th paragraph)

So. So, ok, I basically had an opticians appointment today, to check up on my contact lenses, and I thought I might as well choose some glasses to go with my new glasses prescription. I didn't choose the glasses last time I was there because I was unsure of which ones I wanted, it was between the retro/vintage(?) round frames (pictured below, which, they didn't have), or the glasses in the womens section of the opticians which were cheap but looked boring and fugly. :|

(Yeah I've already got a pair but I don't fancy the colour as much to put prescription lenses in lol)

So I went early to the opticians to choose which frame I wanted, which, I already had an idea about but wasn't sure whether to get them previously??? But was inspired by Kicki to get em in the end~

(Yup this is the picture that spurred me on to get these ones)
Idk, guess I was kinda 'errr' on getting mens glasses but saw Kicki rocking them and thought "fuck it, fuck beauty standards, just gonna get whatever I want". 
Well ok whatever, I went over to get the ones which I wanted (them aviator ones, pictured above, but in grey/black) and showed the girl at the counter (so she could sort it out for me). Lol her face was shouting "eww".

Another trainee girl then came over to sort the fitting and shiz on me and she was real nice, and then she got her supervisor to come and check to see if she's done everything right, and when she told me to put on thise glasses again, she said,

"It looks horrendous!!" 

(Lol like imagine this in a proper english accent too)

I was like, "lol ok rude" in my mind but kept smiling all the way through this hah. Then she explained how it was too big for my face (which in actual fact. Really wasn't.) and etc etc. And then explained to me opitical wise, it wasn't very good, and I thought, "yeah ok this bit makes sense but the previous bit sounding like insults instead lol".

Man they got me sorted out on those glasses anyways, but if it was the younger me sitting there today I would've been super depressed and crying a river no jokes, tbh I think I handled her comments pretty well lolol.

But guess she got me thinking about glasses and frames to suit your face etc all day. Tbh I say bullshit to all of that. Who the f cares if you wear glasses that are not your gender, or suited to your face shape???!!

Seriously just wear whatever the shiz you want in the end you are the one wearing it (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ 
And as long as you are happy with it, however it looks then fine, it's ok!

This also brings me to the point my friends said to me one time which was along the lines of, "how can you wear what you like? Where do you get the confidence to wear such clothes???"
Answer is I, don't have as much confidence as people make me out to have, I obviously do get self concious and mindful of what people think about what I wear. But on the other hand. Who really gives a shit? 

Honestly, it starts by not giving a shit and just simply wearing what you like. Some people are iffy on the attention or the fact that people stare at what they wear, and to that I say it's, indeed, unavoidable. You're bound to get looked at, because it's not the norm, but when your focus shifts onto yourself and not on other people, or in other words, when you do or wear something simply because you like it, that's when you can start not giving a fuck about what other people think, and just wear what makes you happy.

So fuck specific frame shapes/genders for particular face shapes/genders. Fuck people judging your out-of-the-norm clothing choices. And fuck beauty standards, cuz life is too short to worry about what other strangers think of you. Seriously.

And even if you know someone who thinks of you as a freak (which has happened to me). There are many more who think otherwise. (Trust me :D this has happened to me too).

So if you made it to the end of the blog post I congratulate you. Rant is officially over. And sorry for the use of language, apologies.


  1. Wow great post I must say! You inspired me alot! Thank you!


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