Happy belated new year XD~


Happy 2015/xmas lol, I know it's been a while since I wrote a blog post but I've been ever so busy ><!! It's my exam year soo yupp. Haven't been working on my cosplay as much as well DX, buuut, have nearly finished my textiles final piece:
(The latest picture I have on it....it looks more finished right now ^_^;;)

I have my mock exams in a week's time ><!! So stressful and so much revision DX...

I will probably put up another circle lens review soon, sooon... =~=

Here's a random selca XDD:
(I look so derp here, idk y XDD)

I've also got these cosplay plans for this year, hopefully I can make them 8>,<8
2p fem japan, nyotalia japan~imperial uniform
Sakizo-Chai (lol such a freakin diffucult cos XDD I don't even know why I'm going ahead with it _| ̄|○ will probably run into the new year as well DX)

Thank you for reading this boring post hehe x3~


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