etude house surprise stick concealer ~review~ #1 light beige


So this is my first beauty review, I decided to give my view on the product and hope this will be informative >.< I think I got #1 light beige. I'd actually got given this from my cousin sooooo yep XD


It's quite cute and versatile to carry around in my opinion, though, some people might think there's nothing suprising about the packaging but I differ (^_^;) It is made of hard plastic and is quite small at around 11cm tall. 

(Took me quite a while to set up backdrop to take pictures of it XD)

Texture and scent

It is quite soft+creamy and easy to blend~ gives a slight floral scent that I don't think anyone would mind sniffing (^з^) 

Here's a swatch on the back of my hand~

Coverage test

(I blended the concealer at the top a little) drew a little emocon with a fineliner :3

Blended a little...It gives a medium coverage in my opinion...though I thought it would cover a little more ^^;


(No eye makeup ( ̄Д ̄)ノ)  Before... I don't have noticable eye bags hehe...

After! X3
It looks kinda the same but there is a difference! XD bags looks lighter~


*easy to apply
*easy to blend
*medium coverage
*cute and versatile packaging 
*quite cheap (on Ebay I think)


*would have liked more coverage



I wouldn't buy it again but will keep on using it XD I find it a little hard to cover blemishes/pimples fully but it does make it less noticable ^^~


<Yesterday's outfit! Someone said I looked Japanese Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ XD though I guess I was going for that look (・ω・)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ohayou, Se-chan! Your outfit looks kawaii~ ^^ Keep it up!

  2. So adorable!
    You really looked like a Japanese!


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