Melonpan and more...


It feels really hot here today but the flowers are blooming really nicely~(^ω^)

(Didn't take anymore photos of the flowers XD have loads of flowers in the garden though!)

Was also baking last night take took all my power to make...was worth it though hehe
Uwaa~umai sou

But making the bread was.....hard work. My arms are still aching (´・_・`) had one for breakfast and I LOVE FRESH BREAD~~~! It was heavenly biting into these!


Was really warm yesterday! Had an street-style outfit but didn't take any pictures ( ̄▽ ̄) had lunch at starbucks coffee and the frappacino was so good, I had the mocha cookie crunch! Only a yogurt for lunch though, was not really hungry X3 

Also went to a italian restaurant yesterday~ pictures:

Turned out this post was all about food XD

Thanks for reading~!


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