Isshuukan Friends series Impressions/review


I am going to post about my mirai cosplay and how it happened soon but here is just a review this anime nee~~ also have loads more on my anime review tumblr:

dem feels tho
Gyahhhhh and its over... ._. 

It was such a cute series! >.<!! The characters, story, animation, etc etc. Let me talk about it (^ω^)

I think my fav chara in the series was probably Hase-kun!!(≧∇≦)I would freakin love him to be my friend, he's so nice~~~ plus he's such a cutie xD innocent and all that, YuukiXKaori FOREVER~!!! I mean saki chan was cute too, especially her chara design! And also that unforgettable moment when she wanted kiryu to become her danna (*^◯^*) ahh saki...

Ahem, back to the topic... The story-I felt- was a special one, it didn't feel like it was rushed, and each episode felt like it was planned out carefully. What struck me when I read the intro to the anime, it wasn't clichéd. Sure, it might have sounded boring to some ppls, I thought the way that Hase-kun asked Kaori to be his friend, despite her forgetting every start of the week was sweet (((o(^^*)o)))~ However, to a certain extent the story was kinda predictable. (I mean come on, everyone knew that Kujou was Kaori's long lost important friend from the accident...or was it just me?) 

The animation style was different ^^, it didn't sway from the original manga and it really did suit the story~ it just felt fuwa fuwa and kawaii...u kno wat i mean.

Here are some screenshots~

Omg this scene XDD Kaori's mum is awesome (if u kno wat happed afterwards~)

So cute nee (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Overall it was an enjoyable series, probably got even more interesting nearer to the end but nevertheless, cute anime~ An anime about true friendship and totally not about love XDD LoveIsInTheAirGuysXDD

Rating: 7.5/10


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