Slice of life~ Manchester Comic Con 2014~


Finally the summer hols again!!! Went to Manchester Comic Con today! Was sooooooo good, ddn't cosplay to this one though, went for a more dolly attire today~
My new Hime Cut~
Today's make and outfit~

I swear I saw around 8? Hetalia cosplays! Pirate iggy and america being my favs <3 many other cosplays like Ene and Ayano from Mekaku city actors, there were LOADS that I can't list them all~

I streetpassed like loads of ppls ^.^. 

Woke up at 5 in the morning and to get ready 0.0 was not really tired surprisingly. And got to Manchester to the con around 8:30 to see like a lot of ppls, long queue and all (I wouldn't be saying that if I went at 11 though XD apparently another friend of mine waited for, around 2 hrs?) but all worth it when we went in, there were many booths, many... One of my favourites was Dreamy Bows, I found this:
EYEMAZING EYELASHES!!!! I COULD NEVER FIND THESE IN THE UK EXCEPT ONLINE. OMG I LOVE AMOYAMO, THEY ARE SOME OF MY FAVOURITE MODELS TOO!!! But the eyelashes were really pretty and I couldn't choose between Liz Lisa or Eyemazing! 
A run-down of who Dreamy Bows are, the girl who served me was so cute as well! I really liked her makeup and circle lenses ><!

I also saw a booth/store and they had a bjd! Never seen one in my life and it was so cute! Had a nice chat about the new Smart Doll that Danny Choo is releasing ^^
Shinku bjd ^^
Me with bjd~

I also had a discussion with one artist about Free! I about how it's a fanservice anime, etc. hardly talk to anyone about anime sooo hehe XD

Also had someone take a photo of me XDD it was strange XD

Had aching feet after walking for 6 hours! Was a really fun day though, would cosplay to it next time I go!
Here's my haul, very small but meaningful, I found a the Hetalia artbook soooooo*fangirls* 

Will be doing a review soon on some new products that I have bought too(dolly wink and etude house~).

Fun day it was indeed. Thanks for reading~★~(◡ω◡✿)


  1. Such a pretty blouse you were wearing! *-* Seriously, it's so sweet and delicate! I love this kind of clothes, I think I might be in love with your blouse xD
    I have just "met" your blog, but I really enjoy your posts and therefore I'm now following you :)

    All the best,

    1. Thank you! I love clothes like this as well, my wardrobe is going through a feminine phase atm XD I'm glad you enjoy my posts hehe ^.^~ really means a lot ^_^


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