July 2014 Popteen scans...


So this issue was mostly a summer and a bikini one~

New model Nikorun?! Cute nee ^.^~

I really liked this make with Dakota, she looks soo pretty here ><!!

How to make more obvious cleavages? Idk... Actually, I think it's more like adding pizzazz to your bikini that was already interesting enough to begin with. X3

I quite liked Yurayura's hairdo up there, not sure why but it caught my eye? It looks simple to do too ^.^~
I'm also working on a new cosplay (so hard!!!) for London comic con in October >< wish me luck XD I really hope I finish it hehe, recently also got some new clothes through the post and a new game! (Not Tomodachi Life, sadly) might review the game along with some makeup products that I bought (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))!!!

This was a short post, but thanks for reading!


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