Macaron: quest for perfection....kinda

Konbanwa~ quick post here~~
So recently I wanted to make macarons, french macarons ^.^~ I've made them in the past and they turned out so-so... When I wanted to make them for my mum's birthday though they turned out into macookies or summat :-/ completely and totally wrong XDDD didn't take any photos but yup, they turned more into cookies...
So I wanted to improve, and went on a quest to make the perfect macaron *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* I know, lame, I could have spent my time working on my next cosplay or studying or writing a review or summat. But the macarons really winded me up so I wanted to make them perfect, PERFECT ^J^ (*insert here Hetalia Russia's kolkolkol*) 

So the point of my rant is I wanted to share how I made the ideal macaron, might not be interesting to you but if you're bored already, then just look at the perfect ones at the top of this post and drool :D

I'll probably update this post or make a sequel, but here goes...

I started off making green tea macarons for my mum's birthday and they turning out completely wrong, it was flat, not smooth and just wrong. Didn't take any pictures but it was like this:

It turned out like that one on the left. I was disappointed. I have used this recipe before (not stating which) and it was fine. So I tried again, but it turned out the same. I was annoyed and decided to make this:

 Learning from mistakes it the best way to improve, if you are making stuff and stuck, go write down what was wrong, ask google sensei about it and learn :)

And I had these too!:


I did so much research and decided to follow another recipe instead, Ms. Humble's recipe to be exact. She was so helpful!! 
Guess what, on the 3rd attempt I had actually created feet on them, Hallelujah! Ahem, they were petruding, figured out it was undermixed and needed more resting time ^^;;

4th attempt, omg beautiful, suteki, even senpai would notice me if I gave this to him:

Buuuuut, they were HOLLOW orz

Comparison with 3rd:

The one on the left is the 3rd attempt, and the one on the right is the 4th attempt...I filled the left one with peanut butter, the right one with jam ^.^~

To tell you the truth, i think maturation of macarons makes them tastes good despite their looks, I mean, they're still a macaron aren't they, feet and all that.

So 5th attempt...success! Didn't take any photos but I slightly overbaked to make sure they weren't hollow, and following Ms. Humble's tips on maturation of the macaron makes all the difference, it worked and tasted brilliantly. The look was like the 4th attempt macaron, but not hollow (*^◯^*)

I will be trying to make a rose flavoured one soon~

Hope this helps anyone who are baking these little peeps XD
Thanks for reading!


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